Optimization of resource consumption and safety of products

The Sika mission statement describes how we deal with our products: “We want to assume our responsibility for safety and the environment along the entire value chain.” Consequent to this mission statement, the optimization of resource consumption and the safety of products are permanent processes within the company and part of the sustainable development.

  • Control of raw material safety specifications.
  • Analysis and definition of sales products' safety & health conditions.
  • Design, packaging and labelling of sales products.
  • Safety and recycling instructions for customers.
  • Product stewardship and monitoring.

Reach out for environmental sustainability.

Dedication to environmental sustainability has been a crucial standard for Sika ever since REACH was instituted.

We are committed to consider all requirements and obligations arising for substances used in our products. Therefore the Sika Group is implementing REACH – the new EU chemicals legislation - throughout its entire organization.

Group Management has set up a central corporate REACH Department in order to coordinate all corporate activities regarding this legislation. In this section you will gain an overview on Sika’s position and activities regarding this pan-European initiative.