Sika builds trust and creates value.

On June 26, 2015, 37 employees from the EPQS (Engineering, Procurement, Quality and Sustainability) department of from Sika Services, Switzerland, hold their first Corporate Volunteering Day. With the support of the Philias Foundation Sika contacted four different organizations in order to support them. After the event, the team exchanges impressions and thoughts.

Corporate volunteering brings together a diverse range of people from many walks of life. It can be a rich source of inspiration and an excellent way to develop interpersonal skills”, said Mario Gross, Head Global Procurement Quality & Sustainability at Sika.

Here an insight of the activities:

“Wurzelstufe” - Nursery Building a Wood Playground

The “Wurzelstufe” – Nursery is located near Zurich, surrounded by woods and and nature. Six Sika employees together with some parents of the children of the Wurzelstufe Nursery built a sofa made only from wood branches. This sofa serves as a resting place and shelter for children during the day excursions in the woods. With the parents and our support the new sofa was built only within 4 hours.

Clean Up at the "Caritas Markt" in Winterthur

Caritas Zurich is committed to helping people who are affected by poverty and are socially disadvantaged. In the supermarket called «Caritas Markt» low income people can buy food items and toiletries at reduced prices . The goods mostly derive from overproduction, incorrect deliveries and liquidations of more than 400 suppliers, the quality of the food is always excellent and fulfils the sanitary requirements.

Seven Sika employees spent the afternoon in the supermarket in Winterthur helping sorting out products, cleaning shelves and refrigerators. They also had the opportunity to get in touch with the employees and customers. At the end of the day the Caritas Markt was clean and tidy and the Sika employees could get an insight on poverty in Switzerland.

Swiss BirdLife Nature Center

The “Neeracherried”, Nerrach, Switzerland, is one of the last biggest swamp reserve areas in Switzerland. It provides habitat for several native plants and animals’ species. These species are endangered by climate change, nutrients access and non-native invasive plants.

Weak species such as orchids can disappear because of this. In the last years invasive neophytes such as the Golden Rod and Himalayan Balsam had strongly spread in the swamp. As part of an environmental action 15 Sika employees helped to weed the invasive plants. After the hard work they could visit the reserve and enjoy some bird-watching.

Time for Teenagers

“Berufslauf” is a Zurich based organization focused on supporting teenagers whose integration in the basic vocational training and the labour market is at risk. The teenagers coming to this organization are facing academic and social deficits, difficulties to adapt to predefined structures.

Teenagers with school fatigue and experience with school exclusion are common. Seven Sika employees grilled, played badminton and had a swim at the river together with the teenagers and counsellors of the organization. For most people these are normal activities during the summer, for these teenagers these activities were special, many of them do not get the chance to do this type of activities.