Bonding in interior Finishing
For Bonding of interiors Sika can provide the optimum solutions for interior finishing which meet all of the design and performance specifications in full. We work in close collaboration with architects, engineers and specialist contractors to achieve this.

Bonding is often a better alternative to conventional screwing and nailing for many reasons including aesthetic, speed and cost. With Sika’s extensive product range, the right solution can be provided for almost any bonding requirement during the finishing phase.

Bonding the Building Envelope
Façades are exposed to very high stresses from the wind, weathering and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, very high demands are made on the bonding adhesives used for these rainscreen cladding systems and glazing systems. Sika has all of the necessary knowledge and the right products and system solutions that have been extensively tested and used on some of the most ambitious projects around the world.

Structural Bonding
Adhesive bonding can be broadly divided into three categories, namely non-structural, semi-structural and structural:

  • Non-structural: The bonded joints are subject to nominal stress.
  • Semi-structural: The bonded joints are required primarily to distribute load, the load is carried elsewhere.
  • Structural: The bonded joints must be able to carry all the load, at service load or at both service and ultimate loads.

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Elastic Bonding

Weather Sealing

Rainscreen Cladding

Membrane Systems

Curtain Walling

Structural Glazing

Sika’s façade products have a long history within building construction. Sikaflex Polyurethane and SikaMembran EPDM sheet membranes have been well established in the UK facade market. Nevertheless before 2004 Sika did not play an important in structural glazing façades. This changed when Sika acquired the engineering silicone business from Wacker-Chemie GmbH in 2004. Wacker’s structural glazing adhesive Elastosil SG-500 had already been used for more than 10 years by the renowned curtain wall fabricators Josef Gartner and Schmidlin AG. Sika then composed a unique product portfolio around the silicone products, and renamed Elastosil into Sikasil. This comprehensive product range together with the competent technical service in the Sika Façade Competence Centre in Switzerland and the strong onsite service in UK made Sika THE partner for sealing, bonding and water-proofing in glass facades.

Panel Bonding

Elastic Adhesive Bonding

Fire Rated Systems

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