Gun Applied Adhesives

Gun Applied Flooring Adhesives


The beaded gun applied system is a quick and economic way to fix flooring using beads of an elastic adhesive applied in parallel rows, to bond wood flooring where ambient and impact sound reduction or under floor heating efficiency are of less concern. 

Suitable for all wood flooring types, including problematic woods like beech, maple and bamboo and used in residential or commercial buildings.


  • Fast curing
  • Excellent workability - very easy to extrude
  • Bonds to all common substrates
  • Ideal for renovations without the need to remove the old floor (e.g. ceramic tiles)
  • Compensates surface irregularities
  • Suitable for bonding solid and engineered wood flooring

SikaBond®-52 Wood Floor

Professional Wood Floor Adhesive

SikaBond® AT-Universal

Multi-purpose adhesive SikaBond AT-Universal is a one part, solvent-free, elastic adhesive. SikaBond AT-Universal is based on Silane Terminated Polymers and has a very good adhesion on both non-porous and porous substrates.