Full Surface Elastic Adhesive Systems

Full Surface Elastic Adhesive Systems

A technically advanced elastic bonded system is ideal where very high movement and long term, durable adhesion is required.

Using a full surface of Sika's elastic adhesive, applied by a trowel or dispenser is an excellent way of bonding wood flooring. This system is ideal for use when ambient and impact sound reduction or underfloor heating efficiency are important.

Suitable for all wood flooring types, including problematic woods like beech, maple and bamboo, used in residential or commercial buildings and areas of high foot traffic.


  • Suitable for a bonding solid and engineered wood flooring, mosaic parquet, residential wood paving, industrial parquet and wood blocks.
  • Can be used to bond solid or engineered boards of any width, length or thickness.
  • High movement accommodation factor.
  • Excellent workability - very easy to apply.
  • Bonds to all common substrates.
  • Ideal for refurbishment projects - can be applied over most old floor finishes e.g. ceramic tiles.
  • Compatible with SikaBond damp proof membranes and levelling compounds.

SikaBond®-54 Wood Floor

SikaBond-54 is a one component, fast curing, solvent free, elastic adhesive for full surface bonding.

SikaBond® AT-80

One component, ready to use, solvent free, elastic adhesive for full surface bonding of engineered and solid wood flooring.

SikaBond® 5500S

Solvent based, rigid adhesive for bonding parquet and engineered boards onto porous substrates.