Bitumen Roof Coatings

Sika® Bitumen Primer

Primer for porous and poor quality substrates. A highly penetrative, thin bituminous solution, black in colour.

Sika® Bitumen Mastic

Trowel applied roof repair mastic. A heavy filled, fibre modified, bituminous compound that dries to a flexible black coating that remains soft and pliable for a long time after application.

Sika® Roof Felt Adhesive

Cold applied bonding for roof felts. A solvent-borne, black bituminous cold applied adhesive.

Sika® Aluminium Reflective Finish

Solar reflective finishing paint. A brush or roller applied aluminium reflective, protective and weatherproof coating.

Sika® Roof Waterproofer

Water based roofing emulsion, which is cold applied by brush or roller.

Sika® Fast Drying Roof Waterproofer

General purpose all weather, solvent based bitumen waterproof coating containing fibre fillers.

Sika® Multiseal Flashing Tape

Self adhesive aluminium flashing tape for the sealing of cracks and joints in many common domestic and commercial situations.