Hi, I'm Mark Bushell, Business Unit Manager for Sika Flooring in the UK.

With the surge in online purchases from engineering components and manufacturing, right through to online retail shopping, there has never been a busier time for distribution warehouses. Sika installs great flooring that is tough and resilient, able to sustain long-term impact which is key to longevity and ensuring regulatory requirements are met.

Storage & Warehousing

Both businesses and the public are using the internet to make significant numbers of purchases and these items are all housed in warehouses before being delivered. With literally miles of floor area, it is vital to have a seamless floor covering, able to sustain the impact from forklift trucks, palettes, as well as enormous amount of staff footfall. Through research and development, Sika has continually progressed technology to offer floors which can endure high volumes of traffic.


We recommend

Floors: Sikafloor Fibreshield | Sikafloor 2 Syntop | Sikafloor 1 Metaltop | Sikafloor Curehard 24 | Sikafloor PurCem HS-21 Gloss | Sikafloor PurCem HS-26 Gloss | Sikafloor PurCem HB-21 Gloss


Walls: Sika® Hygiene Coatings

Plant Rooms

Behind the distribution and logistics industry, there are plant rooms which host pipe work, electric mains and tanks, amongst many other elements which ensure its smooth running. Plant rooms in particular must adhere to a range of regulations, as well as being durable which Sika is able to offer through its large variety of flooring.


We recommend

Floors: Sikafloor Fibreshield | Sikafloor 2 Syntop | Sikafloor 1 Metaltop | Sikafloor CureHard 24


Walls: Sika® Hygiene Coatings

Office Flooring

Sika provide a range of quality, decorative flooring finishes for offices and commercial properties.


We recommend

Floors: Sika Comfortfloor | Sika Comfortfloor Pro | Sika DecoFloor


Walls: Sika® Hygiene Coatings

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