How to Choose the Right Industrial Flooring?

Flooring is an essential part of everyday life in many industrial and commercial environments, therefore choosing the right one is vital in ensuring the business operates effectively.


Finding the ideal system and solution for your specific flooring requirements can be a complex and challenging process - it’s not just as simple as it looks.


There are various types of industrial flooring to choose from- some offer anti-static characteristics, others have slip-resistance and many are hygienic making them perfect to eradicate bacterial growth.


But the main objective is to pick one that is going to be safe and durable for all workers in your establishment, with life-long longevity.


From car parks and hospitals to restaurants and leisure centres, Sika has manufactured and developed a plethora of industrial flooring products suitable for various environments and markets.

So, how do you choose the right platform for your industrial needs? Here are the main aspects you need to consider…


Ease in maintenance is a crucial criteria you need to factor in. How much cleaning does it require? Aim for a non-porous protective coating that is chemical and solvent resistant, so it is easy to clean.



Does your flooring endure high volumes of foot traffic and heavy operations? Find a flooring material that can withstand heavy equipment use and foot traffic. By doing so you will avoid costly repairs and maintenance.



What kind of materials will be used in and around the industrial operation? Harsh chemicals, grease, oil or water? If so, there is the risk of spillage therefore the floors need to be slip-resistant.



If your business has an environment policy, it may be beneficial to choose a flooring solutions that is sustainable. Epoxy resin floors for example are an environmentally-friendly alternative to other types of flooring as they have a low carbon footprint. Do you want to install a floor that has been manufactured using recycled material?



What do you want the end finish to look like? Do you want it to be seamless and smooth? What colour surface coating do you require for the decor? Our extensive collection of flooring systems range from plain coatings to colourful finishes with anti-glare, speckled, or high gloss options to name but a few.

If you’re struggling to find the ideal flooring product, Contact our Flooring Team for expert, professional advice on industrial and commercial flooring. Alternatively, check out our Sika Flooring Case Studies for examples of market specific problems we’ve solved.


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