The public takes it for granted that the floor they walk on, whether it’s in a cinema or shopping complex, stadiums, hotels and restaurants, are safe and meet the highest regulatory standards but these factors are considerations Sika has the expertise in, as well as being able to recommend the most suitable flooring system to match the outlet’s functions.

Shops & Shopping Malls

Shops can be in a shopping centre or lining Britain’s high streets but regardless, Sika understands that flooring systems differ, dependant on their requirements. It must be slip and stain resistant, as well as cosmetically attractive and eye catching. Some larger outlets prefer a floor which has a path incorporated into the design to steer customers around a shop with ease, whilst others focus on the aesthetic appeal. Regardless of your requirement, with years of experience, Sika will be able to guide you from inception to completion.

Supermarkets (Shop Floor)

Sika has worked with retail and supermarket for many years and understands the flooring requirement for public areas as well as the storage and delivery areas. Floors are seamless, durable and resistant to heavy loads and high traffic.

Bars and Restaurants

Open long hours and all through the year, bars must have aesthetically appealing flooring to invite and welcome customers, as well as be slip and stain resistant, along with adhering to high regulatory requirements.An excellent flooring system must also be able to absorb the noise from visitors and any music whilst providing a floor which is durable for heavy traffic environments. Sika has worked on many flooring projects for bars, offering a comprehensive range of attractive flooring systems.


With high footfall, some great design ideas and floors which can match the demands of the various areas within a hotel such as the restaurant, the bedrooms, bar and entrance, Sika is able to give a complete consultation on the best floor to suit your needs.



Decorative Epoxy Flooring | Polyurethane Flooring


Able to sustain high volumes of footfall, as well as absorb noise in the cinema corridors, whilst enhancing the surround sound and acoustic quality in the cinema’s theatre, the right type of flooring is essential. Sika understands the industry and with professional expertise, will be able to suggest the best flooring solution for cinemas.



Decorative Epoxy Flooring | Polyurethane Flooring

Leisure Centres and Gyms

Sika has the expertise in sports and fitness flooring, providing high quality elastic sports floors which will flex yet is strong, durable and able to cope with equipment, as well as high footfall whilst providing a highly attractive finish. Sika floors meet the British Standards and Sport England’s requirements.


Polyurethane Flooring

Exhibition Halls

Sika Flooring understand exhibition halls have high numbers of people, the general public and members of staff all utilising the floors, as well as equipment, displays and other materials constantly changing throughout the year and therefore, a floor has to have the right finish and combine easy maintenance, with durability and slip resistance. With Sika’s expertise, we can help.



Epoxy Resin Flooring | Dry Shake Concrete Hardeners

Museums & Galleries

A floor covering can create the right atmosphere to complement the displays or pieces of art at museums and galleries, whilst being durable, slip resistant and adhering to all the regulatory requirements. With a comprehensive range, Sika is able guide the customer, recommending the best solution.



Polyurethane Flooring | Decorative Epoxy Flooring

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