Halifax, United Kingdom

Sika® Secures The Long Term Future of Halifax Tower Blocks

With the requirement for a cost effective, reliable and efficient way to repair damaged concrete surfaces and extend the life of four towers blocks in Halifax, leading concrete repair specialist JDF Restoration specified an advanced concrete repair system from global building product manufacturer Sika.

Property Repair Project Requirements

Built in the 1965, the four 15 storey tower blocks in Mixenden required refurbishment due to concrete deterioration. With the intention of repairing and protecting to provide longevity and extend the life of the buildings, the specification included the Monotop repair system and the anti-carbonation coating Sikagard® 675W ElastoColor for the reinforced concrete frame with the fast cure balcony coating Sikafloor® 415 for the re-coating to the balconies.

Sika Concrete Repair Solutions

These systems have an impressive track record which goes back more than 15 years and conform to the performance requirements of EN 1504: the European Standard for the protection and repair of reinforced concrete, demonstrating Sika’s long term, technically correct construction solutions.

JDF applied Sika® MonoTop® – a cementitious two-component system consisting of polymer modified mortars – to make primary repairs to the concrete frame of each block prior to cladding. With good resistance to water and chloride penetration, the system provides long term protection to prevent future damage to the buildings’ concrete structure.
For the balcony repairs, a fast application process that would allow the extensive refurbishments to be carried out with the minimum of disruption to residents was required. With its ability to be laid and trafficked in the same day the Sikafloor® 415 Elastomeric walkway and balcony system proved the ideal solution.
To provide an overall layer of protection and in order to match the existing surfaces, the JDF operatives cleaned the reinforced concrete frame of contaminants using a jet washing process before the application of Sikagard® 675W ElastoColor. Used to aesthetically enhance concrete substrates and particularly suited as a final protective coating for façades, the anti-carbonation treatment provides a high quality yet economical water-based, acrylic coating to protect against weathering and ageing.
Sika‘s concrete repair and protection solutions are designed to rehabilitate and restore concrete surfaces back to their original quality. Concrete repair mortars, anti-corrosion coatings, corrosion inhibitors, reinforcement corrosion protectors and the full Sika® Galvashield® range of embedded galvanic anodes make up the extensive range that Sika® offers.

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