London, UK

Quattro UK, a multi-disciplined company providing a service to the construction, utilities, demolition and recycling industries, has recently constructed a new plant covering 3-acres in Hayes, West London. The site will contain a cutting-edge ready mix concrete batching and waste disposal facility. It represents an exciting new chapter for the company, as the new plant will lead to an increased production capacity.

Sika Solutions

For the new site’s external slab areas Quattro introduced a macro synthetic fibre solution to its concrete mix to ensure a durable installation with enhanced corrosion and impact resistance. This was provided by SikaFiber® Force 50, a high-quality embossed fibre that improves concrete bonding in ready-mixed, sprayed, and precast applications.

A total of 3,000m3 of concrete was supplied by Quattro UK from its existing plant at Iver in Buckinghamshire. The mix was specified by structural consultants in conjunction with Quattro’s estates department. Sika’s technical team was able to advice on the correct fibre specification for the application based on the Concrete Society’s CSTR34 (Concrete Society Technical Report) an Industry Standard Publication.

Sika staff were also able to advise on joint spacings – and mix design. SikaFiber® Force 50 contains macro synthetic fibres that are extruded, embossed and then specifically cut to the required lengths. As well as improving the bond within the concrete, the fibre – which has been designed to replace traditional steel reinforcement – also reduces, installation time, onsite costs and assists health and safety by reducing on site placement and tying of mesh reinforcement.

Quattro’s new Concrete plant is scheduled to open in summer 2018. SikaFiber® Force 50, has helped to ensure that the external slabs will be very durable in what will be a heavy duty operating environment.