Sika is the UK’s leading supplier of a diverse and comprehensive range of hygienic flooring and wall coating systems

Hygienic Flooring & Wall Coatings

Our durable hygienic floors and wall coatings are suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial settings from hospitals, wards and wet rooms to food manufacturing facilities.

We’ve been at the forefront of the flooring market for decades with our high performance technology and expertise. That’s why we understand that the right floor for the right purpose is vital when it comes to certain sectors.

Typical Settings of Use


Hygiene is Critical

Whether installation is in a hospital theatre or in a food manufacturing plant, cleanliness is of the utmost importance, so the floors and walls need to be seamless to stamp out any possibility of bacterial growth.

Sika offers a comprehensive choice of finishes and solutions that are all hygienic and seamless. Our flooring products are poured and rolled on, creating a beautiful harmonious floor with zero cracks. With no gaps for bacteria or MRSA to get into, all germs can be cleaned and removed effectively.

Durable and Long Lasting

Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge means we understand that flooring systems of this nature need to be able to withstand frequent traffic from heavy pieces of equipment.

All Sika floors are hardwearing to withstand continuous traffic from pedestrians and machinery as well as rigorous cleaning regimes. There are various cleaning ingredients that can be aggressive on floors and walls however, we can provide the solution.

But it’s not just about sterile floors

With over 40 years of successful applications to internal walls and ceilings, Sika’s hygienic wall coatings have an exceptional proven track record and represent one of the simplest and most effective methods of achieving a surface that is easy to clean, hardwearing and seamless.

Free from joints or gaps that provide a hiding place for dirt and bacteria to breed, Sika offer the highest standards of hygiene required with our combined flooring and wall covering solutions.

Industrial floor coating with Sikafloor resin cementitious flooring system in food facility