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This was a full refurbishment of 14,000m2 of industrial flooring at Rolls Royce’s car assembly plant in Westhampnet, Chichester. Sika established a relationship with Rolls Royce after its quality flooring range and registered flooring contractor network were required for the site’s original refurbishment in 2008.

Rolls Royce called upon the services of our recommended contractor, Zircon Flooring, again seven years later when the same flooring – inside the firm’s production hall – required routine refurbishment. As in 2008, the client required a very detailed, high-quality flooring finish, so Zircon returned to Sika Flooring, a hard-wearing, low-maintenance, rapid-apply, seamless, non-slip, resin system, which proved ideal for a project of this size and profile.

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Rolls Royce Chichester | Flooring

Rolls Royce Chichester | Flooring

A flooring installation of such magnitude presented a number of challenges which had to be overcome if Zircon were to meet the client’s strict 18-day deadline and ensure minimal disruption to the plant’s day-to-day running. Works had to be scheduled around the client’s manufacturing programme, which required precisely-detailed project management involving Zircon and Sika.

With time of the essence, products had to live-up to the easy-to-apply, high-performance billing to ensure the timetable of works was adhered to.

To overcome random static charges which can affect sensitive electrical components and wreak havoc on a busy car production line, Sika provided its Sikafloor®-262 AS Thixo, a two-part electrostatically conductive textured epoxy coating for the floor’s refurbishment. With good chemical and mechanical resistance, this slip-resistant flooring system is designed to deliver the ultimate in static control and has an excellent reputation in industries where there is sensitive electronic equipment.

Sikafloor®-262 AS Thixo is a decorative and protective anti-static coating which is available in an unlimited choice of colour shades. The unique high-build system comprises a Sikafloor® -161 primer, Sikafloor®-220W conductive coat, Sikafloor®-262 AS Thixo wearing course, and Sikafloor®-263 SL, a two-part, multipurpose binder based on epoxy resin. The system is suitable as a wearing course in industries such as automotive, electronic and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

For the installation, Zircon prepared the concrete substrate by mechanically shot-blasting and diamond-grinding the surface using dust-controlled methods. Sikafloor®-161 primer was then applied, and when cured, the Sikafloor®-263 SL multipurpose binder was installed. Once levels were checked and grinded as required, Sikafloor® Earthing Kit, a conductor system comprising copper earthing tapes and points, was applied. A layer of Sikafloor®-220W anti-static primer was added, and once cured, the flooring was finished with Sikafloor®-262 AS Thixo to a nominal thickness of 2mm.

The result of this intensive refurbishment, which was to deadline and the client’s full satisfaction, is a superb new floor which showcases the versatility and durability of resin flooring. The project is a perfect example of successful collaborative working between contractor and manufacturer. Both Sika and Zircon are proud at having met the end client’s and the facility’s users’ high expectation.

Guy Aldridge, Facilities Management Contracts Manager Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd said, "Well done for a great job carried out with the Production floor coating. I know very well what a challenge it was to carry out this massive task so you should be congratulated for completing the challenge within the tight timescales given."


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Rolls Royce Chichester | Flooring