London, United Kingdom

This stunning project, which was built by Sir Robert McAlpine and won the 2007 Building Award for ‘Project of the Year’, seats 60,000 supporters in a spectacular four-tier structure, which reaches over 41 metres from pitch level to the top of the roof.

Emirates stadium London Sarnafil project
Emirates stadium London Sarnafil project

Flat Roof Project Requirements

An exceptional level of detailing was required due to the complex exoskeletal steel framework, with the superior aesthetics of the finish a key factor; Sarnafil was specified for the flexibility of the product, in terms of colour, detailing, and guarantee options.

The membrane was manufactured in a special colour RAL 7040 to meet the architect’s requirements and to match with the colour of other roofing products used.

Due to the size of the project, 27,200m2, a Sarnafast system was used to increase the speed of the roof installation without compromising the quality, and the Sarnafil single ply membrane was welded with a Sarnamatic 661 automatic welder for consistent quality. The roof build up was unusual; a metal deck was installed first to which a plywood deck was fixed. The Sarnafil membrane was then installed to ensure watertight finish. This combined with the experienced work force of Prater, made installation quick and efficient, passing all the stringent checks of the Sarnafil field technician.

Sika Single Ply Roofing Solutions

Following detailed design work and an extensive site inspection, Sika Sarnafil - partnering with Latchways Plc. - was able to provide an effective fall protection system for working at height, all covered by the Sika Sarnafil guarantee. Working closely with the site Design Team the installer was able to provide optimum solutions that included systems being fitted to the stadium’s structural steel work.

"We have worked with Sarnafil for many years now; we both have exacting standards, with health and safety of paramount importance and a commitment to providing the best products installed by experts." Andy Newman, Prater

The finished result is one that all involved can be proud of and one that will shelter football fans from the elements for many seasons to come.

Products Used

Sarnafil S327