New Build Flat Roofing


We ensure the right flat roof system is specified for each individual new build project and building requirements.

Early Project Engagement is Key

Sika technical experts advising specifier on construction site

At Sika, our early involvement means we are able to support and advise from the design brief, initial drawings or from when the project criteria is provided. The information supplied in these first stages provides our technical team with the necessary information to create a specification most suitable for the project requirements, with supporting technical information and literature too. We have a national team of highly experienced Area Technical Managers who are able to assist you on your New Build project.

Our team will support you at all stages, from initial design, technical calculations, specification creation,  on site inspections through to project completion. We can also provide technical advice and specification support on non-waterproofing elements such as our Sika green roofing systems and photovoltaic panels when using the unique Sika Solar Mount (SSM) system. BIM objects and BREEAM packs are also available on request to support the project requirements.

Flat Roof Design Considerations

There are a number of design considerations when designing, planning and building a new-build flat roof. At Sika we can support with the specification process to ensure flat roof designs are not only feasible, but within regulations and can be applied to best suit the building and its surrounding environment. 
Technical design considerations we can support you with:

  • Fire Performance BRoofT4 
  • Roof size vs rain vs drainage
  • Wind uplift vs direction vs location
  • U-value calculations coupled with condensation risk analysis
  • Energy efficiency Is it a load-bearing roof or balcony
  • Lifespan of the waterproofing solution provided


These and other design considerations are where Sika’s processes and services can help to understand the most suitable roofing solution for each individual project’s requirements.  

Sustainable Specification

At Sika, we understand the ever increasing importance of sustainable products and energy efficient roofing systems. As sustinable and ethical specifications are becoming ever more stringent in new build construction, we are utilising our Global Research and Development facilities to innovate our products and systems to create sustainable roofing solutions.

Our latest innovative creation is, Sarnafil Advanced Technology, a hybrid sustainable membrane that is the only Cradle-to-Cradle Silver Certified single ply membrane in the UK, boasting unique sustainable features as a roof waterproofing solution.

With a range of green roof systems available too, we ensure the right waterproofing solution is specified for each project and are able to provide the right green roof system to provide a more sustainable system


Flat Roof Solutions

New-build single-ply roofing

Single-ply roofs are a popular solution for new build projects. Single-ply roofs are particularly valuable for buildings with a weight and load-bearing consideration because of the membrane’s structural strength. As well as its durability, single-ply membranes are very lightweight and do not take long to install which can make them cost effective.

Single-ply roofs are also a good choice for new-build projects because they can provide a flat and level surface for equipment, include no chlorides, fluorides or plasticisers and offer easy access for maintenance and repairs.

New-build bituminous flat roofing

Bituminous roofs are a good choice for new-build projects because it is highly durable and, because new-builds are less constrained by any existing roof or structure, can be specific at the design stage. Bituminous roofs can last up to 20 years and sometimes more.

Whether self-adhesive sheets, hot-mopped asphalt or cold-applied adhesive, the seams of bituminous roofs are usually melted together which help stop leaks. Other types of membrane have seams, and seals can weaken over time. Bitumen roofing’s durability comes from its high-tensile strength and they are also rated against wind, fire and hail.

New build cold-applied liquid roofing

Liquid plastic solutions can be a great choice for new-builds projects, especially larger buildings as they can be a cost-effective waterproofing choice. This is in addition to benefits such as the ability to apply all-year-round (as long as the temperature is above zero) and the fact that liquid plastics are usually waterproof within hours if not immediately upon application.

Further benefits of liquid plastics for new build projects include easy maintenance, as well as high elasticity and tensile strength.