New-Build Services

At Sika, we know that a new-build roof requires a watertight roof solution but can also require great aesthetics and even multipurpose uses. However there are considerations such as weather, climate, access and, of course, durability that require technical support from a roof manufacturer. Other questions to be considered include sustainability, budget and does this effect your choice of which roofing solution to choose? Investing in a proven roofing solution is important, to avoid potential future roof repairs that will add to operational time and resource needed to deal with these issues.

In addition, it is crucial that the contents within a building are protected, especially for those buildings containing high value assets or operational systems. Life-cycle costs, and the longevity and durability of the membrane are critical considerations when choosing a roofing solution. So is the choice of product manufacturer.  

Sika Specification Support

Roof Consultation

Once an initial consultation with the specifier has taken place, whether be an initial conversation, the Sika roofing Area Technical Manager provides design assistance and technical advice, followed by a detailed written specification.

All of our Area Technical Managers are experienced roofing industry professionals who have undertaken appropriate training covering all of our Sika roofing products and systems. They can advise on concepts and feasibility; system specification; compliance with Building Regulations; detailing; on-site considerations and planning. Furthermore, we are committed to fostering best practice and can offer a programme of comprehensive RIBA approved CPD seminars.

Specification Support

Behind the scenes, our Technical Services Team brings immense technical and application knowledge to every Sika roofing project. This team checks and validates specifications and provides wind uplift calculations using bespoke, specialist software. These calculations ultimately form part of the information upon which our guarantee is based.

Throughout the project, the Technical Services Department also checks material orders against the original specification and provides telephone and e-mail support to specifiers and contractors.

Technical Support

NBS Sika Specification

We understand the increasing requirement for NBS specifications, and so all of our roofing products and systems are available on NBS to add to your specification. However, if you are looking for a more detailed specification from our roofing technical team, we can build a detailed specification depending on the projects and clients requirements.

On Site Support

Sika roofing systems can only be installed by our Sika Certified Contractors to ensure that the Sika quality management system is adhered to throughout the process.

Once our Sika roofing products and systems are being installed on site, we continue to support the specifier and Sika Certified Contractor involved in the project. Sika's technical department conduct numerous site inspections throughout the installation of the roofing system to ensure a high qualiaty application of our roofing membranes is conducted. The report created from these inspections is used to highlight potential areas of the roof that may require extra attention to ensure the system is watertight.


Sika Roof Guarantees

It is only when a final roof survey is conducted by one of our roofing technical experts, that a final full system guarantee can be issued to the roofing contractor. We have a variety of guarantees available depeding on the project and end clients requirements, it is important for the maunfacturer to understand these at the initial consultancy stageto ensure the best waterproofing solution is specified.