Liquid Applied Membrane for Balconies & Walkways

The Sikalastic® Rapid range has been specifically developed to be used in situations where the contractor’s access to the area maybe restricted, and a fast application is required. A typical scenario maybe a communal walkway or stairwell within a housing block, where residents require access to their home within an acceptable time period.

The Sikalastic® Rapid range is based on PMMA ((poly)methyl methacrylate) technology, which offers super fast curing, even in lower temperatures. The product has the ability to cure in 30-40 minutes and can be accelerated if required.


Sikalastic Rapid Benefit Infographic
Image: Sikalastic Rapid Benefit Infographic

Guarantee Offering: Sikalastic Rapid Trafficable Systems

Wearing System 10 Years   System Build Up
Waterproofing and Wearing System 10/15 Years   System Build Up
Waterproofing/Buried System 20 Years   System Build Up

The systems are compatible with almost all substrates, are exceptionally hard wearing, and are proven to withstand the demands of the walkway, balcony and terrace environment, giving reliable waterproofing and protection, in combination with functional surrfacing. Decorative options are available with the use of Sikalastic® Rapid Clear Sealer and coloured quartz.

Lord's Cricket Ground Sikalastic Rapid Project
Image: Lord's Cricket Ground Sikalastic Rapid Project