Liquid Applied Gutter Waterproofing

Sika manufactures a range of quality, seamless, cold applied, liquid systems and coatings for the waterproofing of metal roofs and gutters.

Within the Sika liquid waterproofing range, we offer Sikalastic®-625n, which is a robust, cold-applied liquid waterproofing solution for exposed roof areas and is the perfect solution for both metal profiled roofs and asbestos and fibred cement sheet roofs and gutters. Our liquid applied gutter waterproofing solution, Sikalastic-625n is low maintenance, durable and has a smooth waterproof finish. The product is suitable for hot and cold climates and only for exterior use.

The solution has many applications, including;

  • Roof waterproofing for new construction and refurbishment projects
  • Waterproofing of flat and pitched roof structures, communal walkways
  • Waterproofing structures with numerous details such as penetrations, drains, roof lights and complex geometry
  • Waterproofing existing substrates of concrete, bituminous felt and coatings, brick, stone, asbestos cement, wood, asphalt etc.