Profiled Metal Roofs
Profiled Metal Roofs
Profiled Metal Roofs

Introducing an enhanced Sika Pro-Tecta system, incorporating a new high performance Sikalastic-701 top coat based on PU/Acrylic aliphatic technology. The new system is designed for use over Sikalastic-625N, with excellent weathering performance, UV resistance and gloss retention.

Profiled Metal Roofs

Features and Benefits:

  • Sikalastic®-701 is a high performance top coat based on PU/Acrylic aliphatic technology.
  • Excellent long term weathering performance, UV resistance and gloss retention.​
  • Very few components
  • Engineered around our market-leading polyurethane membranes
  • Excellent retention to dirt pick up and very low soiling​
  • Resistant to long term ponding water​
  • Sika patented technology​
  •  In-Pail Tinted to wide range nof RAL shade
  •  10, 15 and 20 year guarantees available

We Put The Proof Into Protecting Metal Roofs

System Build Up

Metal Roof Waterproofing

Prime Existing substrate as required and apply

Sika® Joint Tape SA (side laps, end laps and bolt heads)



Metal Roof Waterproofing

Sikalastic® 625N - Light application of coating to Sika® Joint Tape SA  

Metal Roof Waterproofing

One coat of Sikalastic-625N (0.75 Litres per M2)

Sikalastic-701 high performance top coat (0.4 Litres per M2)

Sika Pro-Tecta WP - Other Available Systems

Profiled Metal Roofs

Sika Pro-Tecta WP is our full waterproofing system for the refurbishment of profiled metal roofing. It  has been engineered around our two flagship polyurethane membranes: Sikalastic-625N and Decothane Ultra as a low-odour option.Key to the enhancement of our waterproofing system is the incorporation of a new and innovative self-adhesive tape called Sika Joint Tape SA.

The tape is used as a single-solution for the reinforcement of side-laps, end-laps, and bolt-heads, prior to the application of our liquid coatings, without the need for additional specialist reinforcement coatings.