General Procurement Guidelines

1. Company
We do act as entrepreneurs: our strong focus on quality in our thinking and action bring a substantial value-add to our company success.

 2. Personnel
We do claim and convey motivation and qualification of our personnel. We create and promote the framework for a secure and wholesome working environment.

3. Customers
We do support our customers as competent and reliable partners.

 4. Vendors/Service Partner
Our collaboration with vendors and service partner is fair, objective and cooperative. We do drive a systematic supplier evaluation and development.

5. Processes
We do live our business processes with innovative, secure and user friendly tools and systems.

6. Environment
We fulfil proactively the needs of environmental conservation and occupational safety.

Vendor Guidelines

1. Fairness
Fairness characterizes the nature of our relationship with our vendors. We make a clear distinction between personal and business interests.

2. Integrity
Personal relationships or interests do not have any influence on our business dealings.

3. Evenhandedness
As a matter of principle we do not accept any gifts or gratuities from suppliers or service providers

4. Good Corporate Citizenship
Our suppliers meet selected safety, health and environmental protection requirements, they do not use child and forced labor and comply with our quality management requirements.