The innovative new building technology “Mesh Mould” was awarded with the Swiss Technology Award in the “Inventors” category during the ceremony held in Basel in November 2016. It was developed by scientists from ETH Zurich in collaboration with Sika experts, and allows the production of concrete elements of any shape without using concrete frameworks.

Digital future in construction business has begun

In traditional concrete construction, concrete frameworks are used to bring the liquid concrete into its final shape. The frameworks wear over time, or can only be used once when constructing highly customized buildings. This generates a great deal of additional costs and waste material.

With Mesh Mould technology it is now possible, for the first time, to produce concrete elements of any shape without the help of a framework. Designers first create models of the required elements on their computer, followed by the robotic construction of a highly precise steel wire mesh, which can be filled with the liquid concrete. The steel wire mesh is specifically designed to keep the liquid concrete inside and at the same time reinforce it after hardening. The new Mesh Mould technology, supported by Sika, is a step further towards a more sustainable and digital future in the construction business.