Flooring: Care & Cleaning Program

A well-groomed, clean floor in harmonious colours makes a valuable contribution to the positive overall image of business premises or public buildings. Therefore Sika developed a Care & Cleaning program together with a global partner in cleaning – Diversey for a cleaner, healthier future TM.

Floors for commercial and residential buildings

Sika ComfortFloor solutions for commercial and residential buildings areas are flexible to provide comfort in those areas where personnel stand for long periods of time. These resilient flooring solutions not only reduce footfall noise and horizontal noise transmission, but also resist scratching by deformation and recovery.

Sika ComfortFloor solutions can be tinted in a wide range of different colour
shades. This allows you to create individual designs or extend your corporate identity onto floors.

What does the Sika Care & Clean Program contain?

Your Sika ComfortFloor consists of a seamless, low maintenance and wear resisting polyurethane topcoat. To keep your floor in a top condition we recommend that you focus on the following:

  • If dirt from outside does not end up on your Sika ComfortFloor it doesn’t have to be removed.
  • To prevent this, use an integrated entrance mat and clean-off system
  • Make such a system part of your design to prolong the lifespan.
  • Use only tested and advised cleaning products and methods.
  • Occasional after-cleaning with clean water prevents the build-up of a soapy film.

Manual cleaning

  • Dust cleaning
  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Interim cleaning
  • Deep cleaning

Machine cleaning

  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Interim cleaning
  • Deep cleaning


Sika Comfortfloor® range

  • Sika Comfortfloor®
  • Sika Comfortfloor® Pro
  • Sika Comfortfloor® Decorative
  • Sika Comfortfloor® Decorative Pro