SikaPower® - the new structural adhesive – facilitates innovative car manufacturing and is the ideal solution for bonding similar and multi-material substrates. BMW for example has been using this technology for bonding the CFRP passenger compartment to the aluminum chassis of various vehicles. The adhesive is extremely age-resistant and highly durable with outstanding mechanical and processing properties.

For the new BMW 7 series, innovative adhesive technology was needed to strategically bond CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic) as well as aluminium to steel. The adhesive solution must address the issue of different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) or Delta/Alpha of different material substrates. SikaPower® is an adhesive designed to have the optimal balance of modulus, elongation and strength to give the adhesion performance necessary while preventing any failure from residual tension during the entire vehicle service life. The adhesive technology is a key enabler to making the use of mixed material including lightweight materials, such as CFRP and aluminium.