SikaPower – Epoxy hybrids for light weight bonding solutions

With its SikaPower adhesive range, Sika offers high performance sealing and bonding solutions for the car body construction. Applied in the body shop (Body-in-White) direct metal/metal joints are formed using the hot curing process of the e-coat process. Even oily metal sheets and different metals can be bonded.

SikaPower structural adhesives are based on epoxy resins which improve stiffness and light weight designs. An internal crack stopper – a Sika made rubbery toughener - makes the adhesive very resilient and improves not only the longevity of the car but the crash performance as well. Sika’s new patented curing system allows an outstanding shelf life which guarantees good application properties and bonding performance.

The SikaPower sealants blend the good corrosion resistance of epoxy with the unique skin formation of a PU-hybrid. Usually sealants are applied during the sensitive painting process but the SikaPower sealant assures a good wash out resistance which allows sealing already during the car body assembly. Moreover the skin makes the applied sealant e-coatable leading to a superior corrosion resistance.

New epoxy hybrids

New light weight and long term durable car bodies are enabled with hot curing SikaPower Body-in-White adhesives and sealants.