Sika has launched three innovative RTV-2 silicones with unprecedented high modulus. Each of these silicone innovations excels in a different application and allows our customers to further push the limits of their processes and products.
Sikasil® IG-25 HM plus

Sikasil IG-25 HM plus is a two-part formulation combining the resilience of a sealant with the modulus of an adhesive. It is used as a secondary edge seal for air- and argon filled insulating glass units in façades. Its unique properties allow accommodating the high movements of the glass elements encountered in IG units without loss of Argon.

Sikasil® SG-550

Sikasil SG-550 is a structural glazing adhesive with unmatched high design strength of 0.2 N/mm² where standard silicone adhesives only reach to 0.14 N/mm². Made possible by combining high tensile strength with outstanding elasticity of the cured elastomer. With this a much slimmer façade construction is now possible allowing to realize yet more daring architectural plans without compromising on safety. Passing by, Sikasil SG-550 also helps realizing important cost savings for our customers.

Sikasil® AS-780

Sikasil AS-780 is a two-part silicone and is designed for the bonding of backrails in the manufacture of solar modules. With its extremely high green strength combined with fast curing characteristics, Sikasil AS-780 makes the use of tapes or complex buffer zones at our customers obsolete. Sikasil AS-780 has already won several awards, for example the CSP Sevilla Today Award 2012.