The sun is a gigantic and almost inexhaustible power station. Year by year it supplies 3,000 times more energy to the earth than the world population currently consumes, and this free of charge. The use of this renewable source of energy is becoming crucial for future energy and carbon reduction strategies.


The CO2-reduction strategies of many governments and the rethinking of the world populace have caused a real boom in the solar energy industry. Therefore solar energy systems are becoming more developed and cost-competitive by comparison to traditional energy resources. The systems include photovoltaic technology and mirror power plants to produce electricity, as well as solar thermal technology for heat production.

Economic and durable solutions for solar energy systems providers

To make these solutions even more economic and durable, solar energy system providers and Sika are investing in new product and technology developments to facilitate this shift. Sika is providing state-of-the-art bonding and sealing solutions to the Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal and Concentrated Solar Power system manufacturers. To ensure a long lasting bond under harsh environmental conditions, Sika is recommending proven and certified products from the Sikasil® product range.

Sika solar expert team

With these technology, Sika has decades of experience in the glass and construction industry. To serve all types of manufacturers, applications and processes in the solar industry, Sika can revert to a wide range of one- and two-component solutions. The applications vary from structural bonding of frames and other fixing structures, sealing of junction boxes and frames as well as potting of the junction boxes. Based on this variety of applications and new technologies, Sika has established a Solar Expert Team to provide comprehensive project and customer support worldwide.