Vehicle sealing and bonding

Sika Hybrid Technology combines the power of polyurethane strength with the simplicity of MS polymers.

Sikaflex® PUR-Hybrid products for industrial applications are well known due to their excellent workability and good adhesion properties on a multitude of substrates without any pre-treatment. PUR-Hybrids are additionally free of isocyanate, PVC, solvents and silicon and therefore fulfill highest health and safety requirements.


In vehicle sealing and bonding PUR-Hybrids are already well established: Sikaflex®-552 AT is a universal usable multipurpose adhesive. Sikaflex®-527 AT, Sikaflex®-521 UV and Sikaflex®-515 are typical sealants which can be used depending on required properties like excellent overpaintability, highest UV resistance or optimized performance-price ratio.

New OEM windshield adhesive, Sikaflex®-556

In order to expand Sika’s PUR-Hybrid product range a new OEM windshield adhesive, Sikaflex®-556, was introduced.

Sikaflex®-556 is an OEM approved high-performance windshield adhesive based on Sika’s PUR-Hybrid Technology. The adhesive is a high modulus adhesive which can easily be applied at room temperature with common hand guns.

The new product offers all typical PUR-Hybrid product performances, like excellent workability broad adhesion profile and highest health and safety standards. Additionally Sikaflex®-556 offers three hours safe drive away time*.

This was tested under harsh test conditions in order to guarantee highest safety security even only three hours after windshield replacement. The fulfilling of the save drive away time was finally confirmed by real crash test.

Sikaflex®-556 for bonding in vehicles

Sikaflex®-556 is based on Sika’s black-primerless technology. For windshield replacement a simple cleaning/activation of the ceramic coated glass with Sika Activator PRO or Sika Activator-205 prevents displacement of the windshield in case of a crash. Sikaflex®-556 is, however, positioned as a multi-purpose adhesive and can be used for other applications than only vehicle glass replacement. Due to the excellent adhesion properties on various substrates Sikaflex®-556 can be used for all kind of bonding in vehicles.

Benefits of Hybrid Technology

Primerless adhesion to most substrates commonly used in vehicle bonding and sealing

  • Outstanding application properties
  • Ageing and weathering resistant
  • Excellent smoothing/tooling properties
  • Environmental friendly
  • Safe to work and use

* Safe Drive Away Time

Safe Drive Away Time is the length of time required for the adhesive to build up sufficient strength to meet the strict requirements of the US Safety Standard FMVSS 212/208. Sika bases all its published Safe Drive Away Times on crash tests according FMVSS 212/208, using vehicles with driver and passenger airbags and no seatbelts.