1968: 1-component polyurethane Sikaflex® sealants

Sika launches as first company worldwide flexible and 1-component polyurethane Sikaflex® sealants and became one of the leading company in the joint sealing business.

1980: Sikaflex

Sika enters with the proven Sikaflex adhesive technology the automotive industry which built the foundation of the today industry department, which is the second pillar of Sika.

2006: Sika’s Advanced Technology

Development of new range of sealants and adhesive based on Sika’s Advanced Technology (AT). The new AT-product range, based on silane-terminated polymers, combines the best properties of different sealant technologies.

2010: water-based primers for wood floor bonding

In regards of sustainable, solvent free and low emission solutions, Sika introduced water-based primers for wood floor bonding, which act also as vapor barriers to accelerate the application process. In 2013 the water-based primer range was broaden also for joint sealing.

2010: i-Cure technology

Launch of new i-Cure technology, which is the synonym for Sika’s latest innovation in polyurethane technology. It involves a new latent hardener chemistry that allows a combination of the best properties and excellent price/performance ratio of classic polyurethane sealant and adhesive technology with features such as very low emissions, solvents free and classification free.

2013: SikaHyflex® for building envelopes

Introduction of a new professional sealant range SikaHyflex for building envelopes. In meeting the high performance standards expected by building owners, architects and specifiers, the new SikaHyflex® joint sealants are highly durable, cost effective and will enable a ‘one stop shop’ for all commercial building applications.