Vehicle safety and reduced interior noise

During the last few years customer requirements for vehicle safety and reduced interior noise have continuously increased in the transportation industry. Therefore, the employment of additional structural measures to reinforce the vehicle body structure has become essential. And sealing the body cavities contributes to the blocking of exterior noise from entering into the vehicle compartment. Our technical expertise and acoustic experience allow us to support the transportation industry with innovative, high performance products to optimize crash performance, increase torsional stiffness and reduce noise and vibrations.

Sika Acoustic System for vehicle safety and noise reduction
Sika Acoustic System

The full Sika Acoustic System package (thermoplastic and elastomeric products) Sika is developing, is optimized to reduce noise propagation through primary body structure. On one side, the Acoustic System is designed to seal the vehicle cavities (SikaBaffle®) and on the other side, to damp (SikaDamp®) the vibration of the body panels resulting in a driving and riding comfort.

SikaBaffle® products are developed with various volumetric expansions to seal body cavities and to meet OEMs design parameters. The high degree of expansion and the three-dimensional design of SikaBaffle® products allow sealing of complex cavities. SikaDamp® is a non-curing, lightweight, elastomeric constrained layer damper pre-shaped technology that can reduce vibrations, but also increase the panel stiffness and improve the slam noise.

Sika Reinforcement systems for cars
Reinforcer System

The molded combination of SikaReinforcer® and SikaStructure® is designed to increase stiffness and structural integrity (safety, durability and NVH). This engineered, lightweight solution offers potential replacement to high strength steel and other substrates.

SikaReinforcer® foams are custom-designed, heat-activated thermosetting materials and they become structural foaming adhesives at temperatures between 130°C and 200°C with intrinsic mechanical properties. The lightweight carrier (SikaStructure®) is overmolded with high strength reinforcer material (SikaReinforcer®) to preserve the section stability or to support the reduction vibration and improve interior noise.

Brands Description
SikaReinforcer® is a lightweight heat reactive material formulated to provide rigidity and increased strength to body cavities and frame rails. The Reinforcer System is a body structure component to improve rigidity, durability, crash resistance and/or acoustic performance. SikaReinforcer® is cohesively molded to its 3D SikaStructure® to support cavities for vehicle stiffness improvement (safety, durability and NVH).
SikaBaffle® SikaBaffle® is a 3D thermoplastic (molded) or elastomeric (extruded) part. It is heat reactive, pre-shaped molded, extruded or designed die cut part. SikaBaffle® is intended to block noise, air, dust and moisture. SikaBaffle® offers full lines of heat-reactive, injection molded, extruded and die cut parts that range in expansion levels.
SikaDamp® A lightweight, elastomeric, constrained layer, vibration damping solution for automotive body,paint and trim shop applications. SikaDamp® is non-curing, lightweight, self-adhesive mastic used for reduction of structure borne vibration.