Elastic adhesives are usually one component polyurethane based adhesives, used for bonding applications in various industries. These adhesives are typically high viscous pastes, which cure with air humidity to form cross-linked elastomers. These products are used in the transportation and automotive industry to bond windshields, roof modules, spare wheel housing and various other modules/parts to the car body. Sika offers a variety of products which cover all possible requirements. A focused and dedicated R&D team works towards continuously improving this technology, to secure Sika’s leading position in this field.

SikaBooster® - accelerated curing

In order to provide a fast curing product, Sika has developed a Sika Booster® system. This technology mixes water, in the form of a paste, directly into the adhesive. Therefore a very fast curing system is achieved, whilst maintaining the excellent application and mechanical properties of one component polyurethane adhesives.

MOVE Technology - energy absorption

Special energy absorbing binders can be incorporated into an adhesive formulation. Such products fulfil a crash test according to FMVSS 208/212 specifications, under the hardest conditions, after only one hour. This so called MOVE technology is important for windshield repair adhesives. Using this adhesive, the repaired car can be put back onto the road without long waiting times.

UHM Technology - increased stiffness

A new generation of binders, with strong intramolecular interactions, allows the increase in modulus of one component polyurethane adhesives. With this UHM technology, it is possible to formulate one component structural adhesives with ten times higher stiffness compared to standard polyurethane adhesives, while maintaining an elongation value of several hundred percent.

New bonding solutions

The combination of the different, innovative technologies mentioned above, enable new bonding solutions for future modular car bonding concepts. Projects with leading automotive manufacturers are underway.

Waterbased Pretreatments

Sika focussed its research in the past few years on developing a range of water-based pretreatment products. Sika strengthened its position as technology leader, releasing the first waterbased products such as activators for glass, as well as primers for wood and concrete, which were successfully introduced into the market under the name of SikaHydroPrep. Our customers have the possibility to eliminate solvents from their plants and consequently improve the working conditions, whilst saving money e.g. for ventilation systems.