The need for speed has never been greater than in today's world. This is also true for car manufacturers. Structural Bonding is easy to combine with other joining techniques. Flexibility, durability and a reduction in spot welding points are just a few of the benefits achieved by using structural bonding and sealing technology.


SikaPower adhesives and sealants are heat-curing products based on Epoxy hybrid technology. This technology covers a wide range of body-in-white sealants and adhesives including antiflutter, hem flange and structural applications, extending to crash-resistant spot-weld applications.

Interior Bonding

The interior design is an important decision criteria for the purchase of a car. Bonding technology for lamination and assembly processes helps to ensure attractive, soft feel surfaces as well as to meet the technical demands for bonding these parts, i.e. climatic test resistance, low emissions and easy processing.


Nowadays, the PVC foil and ABS combination represents the most demanding bonds. Our latest developments meet the toughest climatic test standards. PP surfaces can be bonded without pretreatment with SikaMelt® polyolefin technology - marking a new area in bonding techniques.


For bonding sandwich panels SikaForce® technology is widely chosen because of its high strength and its ease of use allowing a very fast and efficient assembly process.


For structural bonding of windmill blades Sikadur® epoxy adhesive offers high strength, excellent toughness, and superior fatigue resistance combined with a rapid processing speed.