Roofing for the future: Quality first

The technology and the durability of building materials is a key driver for sustainable building construction. "The British Board of Agrément (BBA)", for example, certifies thermoplastic Sarnafil G/S ≥ 1.5 mm membranes to have a life expectancy that is "in excess of 40 years".

On the other hand, SikaRoof MTC liquid membranes are an outstanding refurbishment solution, allowing to extend the lifetime of existing roofs. They may simply be applied over the waterproofing layer, as they are compatible with most existing roofing materials. At the end of the life expectancy they may also be simply recoated to extend the service life even further.

Investing into quality is a smart choice – it means saving more and for longer: saving costs as well as saving energy and resources due to fewer replacements and less maintenance of the roofing system over time. High performance systems like the Sika EnergySmart Roof® can reduce a building’s energy requirements, lower maintenance costs, and minimize the urban heat island effect.