Supporting growth in the target markets

Acquisitions are an important element of Sika’s growth strategy, enabling the company to enhance its core business with related technologies or improve access to certain markets. Through capacity expansion finetuned to market demands, and investment in plant efficiency, the Group ensures the consolidation of its global growth potential.

Acquisition strategy
Acquisition strategy
2015 Acquisitions
2018 Acquisitions
2015 Investments
2018 Investments
Latest acquisitions
Company Country Year of M&A More Info
Arcon Membrane Srl Romania 2018 Media Release
Concrete Fibers Business of Propex Holding, LLC USA 2018 Media Release
Polypag AG Switzerland 2018 Media Release
Index Construction Systems and Products Italy 2018 Media Release
Emseal Joint Systems, Ltd. USA 2017 Media Release
Grupo Industrial Alce Mexico 2017 Media Release
Faist ChemTec Global 2017 Media Release
Butterfield Color. Inc USA 2017 Media Release
KVK Holding a.s. Czech Republic 2017 Media Release
ABC Sealants Turkey 2017 Media Release
Bitbau Dörr Austria 2017 Media Release
Rmax Operating, LLC USA 2016 Media Release
Ronacrete (Far East) Ltd. Hong Kong 2016 Media Release
FRC Industries USA 2016 Media Release
L.M. Scofield USA 2016 Media Release
Addiment Italia S.r.l. Italy 2015 Media Release
Construction Technologies Australia Pty Ltd Australia 2015 Media Release
Axson Technologies France 2015 Media Release
BMI Products of Northern California Inc. USA 2015 Media Release
Duro-Moza Mozambique 2015 Media Release
Klebag Chemie AG Switzerland 2014 Media Release
Company for flooring and coating products South-Korea 2014 Media Release
Lwart Química Ltda. Brazil 2014 Media Release
LCS Optiroc Singapore, Malaysia 2013 Media Release
Building Adhesives Business of  AkzoNobel
Netherlands 2013 Media Release
Radmix Resources Pty Ltd and ASF Pty Ltd. Australia 2013 Media Release
JMTexsa, S.A. de C.V. and Texsa India Ltd Mexico and India 2013 Media Release
Everbuild Building Products Ltd United Kingdom 2013 Media Release
Inatec SRL Paraguay 2012 Media Release
Rütgers Organics GmbH Germany 2012 Media Release
YEAN-IL Korea 2012 Media_Release
Axim Italy 2011 Media_Release
Duochem Inc. Canada 2011 Media_Release
Comercial de Preresa, SA (Copsa) Spain 2011 Media_Release
Colauto Adesivos e Massas Ltda. Brazil 2011 Media_Release
Technokolla Italy 2011 Media_Release
Biro Edwin Bischof AG Switzerland 2011 Media_Release
Hebei Jinquiang Construction Material Co., Ltd. China 2011 Media_Release
May National Associates, Inc. USA 2010 Media_Release
Greenstreak Group, Inc. USA 2010 Media_Release
Dyflex HD Co. Ltd.  Japan 2010 Media_Release
Panbex Group Czech Republic 2010 Media_Release
Henkel Japan Ltd., Construction Sealant Business Japan 2010 Media_Release
ADCO Products Inc., Automotive Glass Replacement USA 2010 Media_Release
Jiangsu TMS Admixture Co., Ltd. China 2009 Media_Release
Iotech Ltd. United Kingdom 2009 Media_Release
Pelplast Utvecklings AB Sweden 2008 Media_Release
Cappar Ltd. Canada 2008 Media_Release
Sichuan Keshuai Additive Co., Ltd. China 2008 Media_Release
ICS Garland, Industrial Flooring USA 2008 Media_Release
Valspar Corp., Industrial Flooring USA 2008 Media_Release
Tricosal GmbH & Co. KG Germany/Switzerland 2008 Media_Release
MRT Construction Products Canada 2007 Media_Release
Proxan Dichtstoffe GmbH Germany 2006 Media_Release
Protective Coatings Germany 2006 Media_Release
Haberkorn Abdichtungssysteme GmbH Austria 2006 Media_Release
Sucoflex EU 2006 Media_Release
Covercrete Flooring Systems USA/Canada 2006 Media_Release
Sarna Kunststoff Holding AG Global 2005