Sponsorships and Donations

Sika distinguishes between Sponsoring and Donations.

Sponsorships are part of corporate communications and marketing and aim transport the brand promise “Building Trust” taking into account social and ecological benefits through projects funded by Sika. Furthermore, they reach specified business goals taking into account economical benefits. Financial or in-kind support of activities complement other marketing activities.

Donations support an assoiciation, an initiative, an institution or individuals in trouble. They deliver relief in the aftermath of famine, conflict, earthquake or weather-related catastrophe.


What kind of projects?

Social projects focus on the following areas:

Buildings and infrastructure that serve a social purpose

Technological trainings in construction professions and trades

Water projects with ecological and social objectives

Special focus on the support of children, youth and future decision makers

Sika subsidiaries and the Sika Group provide relief to people in the aftermath of catastrophes


What kind of projects?

Projects in the area of ecology focus on the following areas:

Focus: water projects, drinking water, water reservoirs

Focus: lakes, national parks which include lakes and/or rivers







What kind of projects?

Projects in the area of science focus on the following topics:

Supposed to be relevant for Research & Development

Practical purpose and are application oriented





What kind of projects?

Sports and culture projects focus on the following characteristics:

- Teams
- Youth development
- High reputation
- Pioneering character




How to apply?

If you hand in a sponsorship or a donation request, please provide the following information:

  • Description of Project: Objectives of Project: Which objectives are you persuing with this project?
  • Activation - Communication: How do you communicate your project? What are you planning to do in order to make your idea / your project known?
  • Benefits: What kind of support are you expecting?:
    Products, Services, financial Funds
  • Why should Sika support your idea / your project?
  • Material supporting your idea / your project

Please send your sponsorship request to:
Sika AG
Attn.: Corporate Communications
Zugerstrasse 50
6341 Baar