Our Strategy

The Sika Business School – the training brand of Sika - is dedicated to the performance of Sika staff and of customers. Our ambition is to enable individuals and teams to perform: by transforming information into new knowledge and to get aligned with the strategic development of Sika. Three components are prioritised:

  1. Sika Managers, Specialists end Sika Group Management are personally involved in the trainings. This guarantees a perfect match with strategic parameters.
  2. Regional challenges and local needs are considered by offering a substantial number of programs regionally and by supporting local organizations to put into practice the gained knowledge in the specific business environment. This ensures a maximum of impact – globally for the whole Sika organization as well as regionally and locally.
  3. Participants of the programs hail from different walks of life, and of course from different Business Units, Functional Units, Companies and countries. This facilitates networking as well as project work across functional boundaries.

Our Customers

The Sika Business Schools offers it’s programs, seminars and workshops to Sika staff, and to external customers and business partners.

First-Hand Knowledge

Seminars managed by Corporate Training and Development are based on the strategic development of Sika. The respective programs offer a knowledge framework addressing Sika's global business ambitions and local requirements.

Flexible Programs

Flexible programs ensure that participants have the right orientation on issues and initiatives that not only add value to Sika, but also to our clients and partners. The SBS offers a blend of highly customized instructor-led workshops, seminars, virtual learning and business simulations.

Experiencing Sika Throughout the world

SBS offers a learning experience that matches corporate and local needs via an array of distinctive learning methods. It is made up of participants and trainers of multiple nationalities and can therefore be offered on a world-wide basis to support global and local executives and companies.