"As the general manager of Sika Hungary, I can proudly say that it has been an honor to lead the company for almost 15 years. Sika, although it is a multinatinational corporation, has kept its charm as a friendly and familiar company within Sika Hungary. Our success is not only made possible by our range of high-class products but also by the persistent work of all my colleagues. As a proof of this, Sika Hungary reached 4 billion HUF turnover in 2009. My colleagues and I are hoping that our success story will continue."

Johanna works at: Sika Hungary

Current Job:  General Manager/ Area Manager CE

Description of main activities:
- Management of Sika Hungary
- Management of Area Central Europe
  (Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania)

Previous jobs at Sika:
1994 to 1995 - Representative of Sika Construction from Sika Austria