Value engineering has become ubiquitous in the construction sector, with the architect‘s specification often revised by the contractor to address budgetary, programme or buildability challenges.  In this article, Steve Squire from Sika Major Projects (SMP) asks where the risk lies when the specification changes and how quality assurance can be maintained despite any changes.


Steve stresses the importance of early engagement with the supply chain to ensure a best fit specification from design stage, with technical specification support to iron out buildability, performance and compatibility issues.  By building this level of supplier engagement into the original specification, he advises, architects can safeguard the specification against cost-based value engineering, maintaining quality assurance and reducing the risk of failure or installation issues on site.

Steve Squire, Head of Major Projects

Where the contractor does need to value engineer the specification, maintaining supplier engagement across the delivery team will ensure that changes are supported by technical expertise that advises on the risk and offers viable suggestions for alternatives.


This article will outline the importance of early supplier engagement and the advantages of single source, integrated supply across a range of specification areas in mitigating the risks of value engineering and maintaining quality assurance.