Years ago, a food shop was a time-consuming business, involving separate trips to the butchers, the bakers and the greengrocers to assemble all the ingredients for meal.


In the construction sector, procurement still often follows the same laborious route, with quotes gathered from a series of suppliers, involving numerous points of contact, specifications and price negotiations, followed by disparate technical and after sales support.

But, just as the pioneers of the supermarket questioned whether there was a better way to approach buying individual but complementary products together, the same is now happening in the construction sector.


Sika Major Projects is a new team established to take a more holistic and streamlined approach to integrated specification across our specialisms.  It brings together expertise from across our businesses to provide an added value approach to procurement that advises on the right combination of solutions for a project, aligned to cost and sustainability objectives.  

So how does this benefit the delivery partners by saving time on a scheme?

  1. Firstly, early engagement with an integrated supplier of multiple solutions can help to inform the specification to ensure it meets the quality and sustainability requirements of the building.  It also helps to iron out any buildability issues prior to work beginning on site, which can help to save time during construction and keep the programme on track.
  2. Working with a single point of contact across a number of specification areas saves time throughout the specification, procurement and build process by rationalising the supply chain and technical support provision.
  3. Integrated supply can also help to deliver a faster route to trusted subcontractors, reducing the procurement process for sourcing the right expertise for the scheme.
  4. A holistic approach to multi-solution specification from a single supplier also helps to reduce the time invested in value engineering, as the supplier can offer a joined up approach to achieving cost objectives, while ensuring quality and compatibility is maintained.

As construction delivery partners continue to address the challenges of tighter programmes, identifying ways in which they can save time while enhancing the quality, buildability and cost implications of a scheme is a high priority.


Contrary to popular wisdom, perhaps it’s time you stopped shopping around and looked at how integrated specification could provide a fast track approach to saving time on your scheme.