Did you know that sick days cost the British economy a staggering £14 billion every year, and that 68% of employees accept that catching the office bug is just par for the course?


With the average person touching 300 surfaces every 30 minutes, exposing themselves to 840,000 germs in the process, Sika Flooring want to help your workplace be as clean as possible. Sika’s Hygienic Flooring and Wall Coatings are all hardwearing and durable. We know it’s not just spillages that can cause bacteria to grow on floors, many things contribute, such as;


  • Large amounts of office workers walking back and forth
  • Heavy machinery
  • Movable objects such as trolley carts wheeled into operating theatres

Contamination consists of viable (bacteria and fungi) and non-viable (dirt and debris) particles. There are several mechanisms by which microorganisms colonise a surface. The four common steps involved are:


  • Transport
  • Initial adhesion
  • Bio-attachment
  • Colonisation


Various studies have shown that transfer of contamination by people walking across floors is the highest re-dispersal factor.

This is where our flooring systems steps in

We know that hygiene is absolutely critical for so many businesses. From installation to floor maintenance we make sure that you are protected:


  • We pour and then roll out our flooring products to create a harmonious floor with no gaps.
  • Being free from joints and gaps means there are no hiding places for dirt and bacteria to breed.
  • We offer the highest standards of hygiene required with our combined flooring and wall covering solutions.
  • We know cleanliness is extremely important and so is design, so we offer a range of colours and textures.
  • Sikafloor is designed to withstand chemical exposure that can result from foodstuff ingredients, acids, chemicals and cleaning agents.

Of course, once your Sika Flooring is installed and looking great, you will need to ensure it is cleaned properly to keep in the best condition and give you the satisfaction that it is well looked after. Here’s a few solutions:


  • Contact your Sika local technical service team who can provide you with professional advice as well as a list of partners local to you, who are experts in floor and wall cleaning.
  • Use any alkaline cleaning agent. Used properly tensides (surfactants) and hypochlorite additives do not normally have any negative effect on Sikafloor Systems. Make sure you read how long to leave the cleaner in contact with the floor, to ensure that it will be effective.
  • Use a combination scrub-and-pick-up machine, which will replace time-consuming wet wiping with a bucket, mop and press or wet scrubbing with a disk machine and water suction device. A device with a rotary nozzle is recommended.


Being at the forefront of the flooring market for decades, Sika understands you need the right floor for the right purpose when it comes to your specific industry sector, whatever that may be. Just contact us today to find out more.