Sika Leads Innovation Ranking

One of the pillars of Sika’s success and reputation is its long-lasting tradition of innovation. Accordingly, the core of its business is innovation management and a focus on developing quality products and the best solutions for customers. Global technology leadership is therefore one of the cornerstones of Sika’s “Strategy 2018,” together with market penetration, an accelerated build-up of emerging markets, acquisitions and strong company values.

Two recent articles in the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (in German) and “Finanz und Wirtschaft” (in German) rate Sika’s innovative capacity in 2013 as outstanding. For the first time, the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” has ranked Sika among the top ten Swiss companies registering patents at the European Patent Office. Having filed 111 applications in 2013, Sika has positioned itself among such major Swiss-based multinationals as ABB, Nestlé, Alstom, Novartis and Roche. This figure includes both direct applications at the European Patent Office as well as international PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) applications entering the European phase in 2013.

In 2013, a total of 266,000 patents were registered at the European Patent Office (+2.8% compared with the previous year). Roughly one third of all registrations were submitted by the 38 EU member states, followed by the US (25%), Japan (20%), China (8%) and South Korea (6%). With 7,966 registrations, Switzerland ranks seventh worldwide and third in Europe. Given its relatively small population, Switzerland is the per capita leader in terms of innovative capacity.

Number One in Innovation Capital

"Finanz und Wirtschaft" also recently reported that Munich-based research institute The Value Group assesses Sika’s innovation capacity as above-average and ranks Sika number one among major Swiss companies. The Value Group ranking comprises six indicators: innovation capital, corporate governance, image & brand, human capital, external stakeholders, and corporate risk. These criteria not only take into consideration hard factors such as financial performance, but also soft factors including a company’s human capital and innovation capacity.

Based on an analysis of the 50 biggest listed companies in Switzerland, Sika was ranked number one with a Value Group rating of AA. Sika outperformed in terms of innovation capital. The efficiency of Sika’s R&D spend and the number of patent registrations are singled out as being far higher-than-average.


Sika has institutionalised a product creation process with a strong focus on consistently developing its new products, systems and solutions. With 800 dedicated employees, Sika carries out its R&D activities at both global level, through its subsidiary Sika Technology AG, and at local level, through 19 technology centers in North and Latin America, Europe and Asia.