The Winter Olympics starting February 7, 2014 in Sochi are the result of years of preparation - not only for the athletes but also for the construction industry. Sika supplied 6,600 tons Sika® Sigunit®, 2,100 tons Sika® ViscoCrete®, over 500,000 m² Sikaplan® waterproofing membranes, more than 100,000 m² Sikafloor® and many other products for the construction of stadiums, roads, train stations, bridges, tunnels and hotel complexes to make Sochi ready for this year’s Winter Olympics.

The Winter Olympics 2014 will take place in Sochi, Southern Russia at the shore of the Black Sea. The opening ceremony on February 7, 2014 will be held in the newly built “Fisht” Stadium, its shape resembling a shell to recall the glories of Fabergé art. This is only one of the many Olympic buildings where Sika products were used. Eight employees from Sika Russia were specifically assigned to support the numerous projects which needed to be built or refurbished for this major sport event with their expertise.

Linking the Sea with the Mountains

In order to host such a large world class event the infrastructure must meet the needs of the numerous visitors and athletes coming from throughout the world.

The Adler-Alpika-Service is a combined rail and motor road linking the Sochi Olympic Park at the Black Sea with the venues in the mountains. It is one of the main traffic arteries for the Olympic Games with a total length of 48 km including several bridges and tunnels. Multiple kilometers of tunnels were built with Sika concrete solutions and waterproofing membranes. Furthermore Sika supplied protective coatings for steel bridges to avoid corrosion.

Several modern railway stations along the Adler-Alpika-Service were newly built to guarantee the best possible transportation infrastructure. With Sika’s concrete and waterproofing solutions they stay dry for good. Some of the railway stations as well as the reconstructed airport of Sochi also feature a Sika floor to meet the specific requirements.

Venues for a Worldclass Event

For all the sport venues such as figure skating, ice hockey or speed skating several stadiums had to be built. They are placed in a circle, located at the Olympic Park with view on the sea and mountain peaks. The “Fisht” Olympic Stadium with a capacity of 40,000 visitors was built with Sika composite fabrics for structural and seismic strengthening and epoxy impregnation resins. It is used for the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympics and Paralympics 2014.

The venue housing speed skating is the Adler Arena Skating Center. It is an oval-shaped facility with a Sika Sarnafil roof with space for 8,000 spectators. The nearby Bolshoy Ice Dome with a capacity for 12,000 people will host ice hockey, the most popular sport of the Winter Olympics. The silver building covered by a dome was built with Sika® ViscoCrete® and other concrete additives as well as Sika waterproofing membranes. The Iceberg Skating Palace for figure skating and short track speed skating is a special venue in the Olympic Park. It is moveable, meaning it can be disassembled, transported and reassembled to serve as skating center in another city after the Winter Olympics. This stadium with a capacity for 12,000 visitors was built with Sika concrete and waterproofing solutions.

rooms for athletes and visitors

To host all athletes and spectators large investments were made in the Olympic Village and hotel facilities. Since the election of Sochi as host city for the Winter Olympics in 2007 the capacity of hospitality facilities increased from 28,900 rooms to 46,500 rooms. Sika was chosen as a supplier of concrete additives, waterproofing solutions, flooring, strengthening fibers, impregnating resins and mortars.

Sika Russia - A Reliable Partner

Sika Russia with its headquarters in Lobnya near Moscow has about 200 employees. For the construction work of the Winter Olympics in Sochi they supplied 6,600 tons of Sika® Sigunit® and 2,100 tons of Sika® ViscoCrete® as concrete additives, over 500,000 square meters of Sikaplan® waterproofing membranes, more than 100,000 square meters of Sikafloor® and many other products. Sika has proven itself to be a reliable partner who fulfills its obligations and makes Sochi ready for this year’s Winter Olympics.


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