Sika Comfortfloor® Systems as Sustainable Alternative

Sika Comfortfloor® systems provide a wide range of solutions that can meet all of your technical requirements. Furthermore the LCA’s show that Sika Comfortfloor® systems are also a good investment in the long run, due to their ease of maintenance without the need to completely reinstall a new flooring system.

Sika Comfortfloor® systems do not require any cementitious underlayments nor additional adhesives, they are fully monolithic with the concrete or screed of the building structure.

Global Warming Potential
Global Warming Potential GWP

Case study: the Flevomeer Library in the city of Leylstad (The Netherland) had to be refurbished and upgraded. The choice of a Sika Comfortfloor® produced an excellent technical and aesthetic solution with a seamless surface that is fully bonded to the substrate. The Sika Comfortfloor® carbon foot print is lower than competitive solutions that can also require a damp proof membrane, plus additional levelling compounds and adhesives. The Sika Comfortfloor® systems also eliminate the need for welding.