Sika Vietnam, all factories and sites


National safety campaign to implement safe working practices at all sites.


Raising overall safety awareness of employees and contractors in order to improve the safety conditions and to minimize accidents and the risk of fire explosion and hazards.


  • Establishment of safety boxes to collect and process ideas and comments from employees
  • Organisation of national safety awareness day 2014
  • Safety pledge and video, internal competition, training and practice, e.g. fire prevention, first aid and chemical spill
  • Inspection schedules and alignment with external inspections
  • Processing of training material by QEHS Officer, involvement of line manager and supervisor
  • Establishment of 6S implementation program for teams in all factories and offices, processing of feedback and rewarding participants
  • 6S newsletter to communicate, announce and gather feedback
  • Guideline for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for each department and seasonal weather, regular inspections of employees and contractors


  • Suggestions of 30 employees to improve safety awareness within 6 months
  • Establishment of fire and explosion prevention teams and monthly fire prevention meetings at three sites
  • Cleared emergency exit and fire prevention equipment
  • All employees are aware of occupational safety related topics and issues
  • Improved visual workplace
  • Successful implementation of 6S program at all sites
  • Reduced risk for occupational accidents, 0-tollerance