Project: Sarnafil TS 77-18 SR

Frutinter is a Spanish fruit growing and distributor company which planned a new building to process fruits in Castellón (ES). Based on the Sarnafil TS 77-15 membrane, Sika Spain was offering a roofing system for the 11’000 m2 project to convince the customer to replace it by Sarnafil TS 77-18 SR, for its high reflectivity and longer durability properties.


Approach: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was made, including potential heating and cooling savings during the use phase from both white and beige membranes. The evaluation was made from cradle to grave for a period of 20 years, considering disposal of the systems at the end of life.

The LCA was used to show the customer the benefits in terms of estimated potential energy and carbon savings by using Sika’s high reflectance membrane, and also to surpass potential competitors (also for future projects), as they are not ready to offer this kind of service. Sika Spain aimed to convince the customer that with Sarnafil TS 77-18 SR, a white highly reflective membrane, energy and costs could be saved during the lifetime of the roof.

The goals:

  • to provide argumentation for the client to choose Sika’s high reflective 1.8 mm membrane over the initially specified 1.5mm beige membrane.
  • to bring value by offering this special service and to create the need for providing a LCA to important owners.
Results: savings of 110 MWh/year and avoided carbon emissions
Results: savings of 110 MWh/year and avoided carbon emissions

Both beige and white membranes bring savings from avoided cooling/heating which surpass the cradle to grave impacts of the whole roofing system in less than 5 years. A significant energy saving potential can be estimated by choosing Sarnafil TS 77-18 SR membrane, namely an estimation of potential savings of 110 MWh/year and average avoided carbon emissions of 30 tonnes CO2-eq./year.

Benefit: overall environmental performance

The results of the evaluation were decisive for the customer, who finally decided to install the high solar reflective white membrane over the beige one, based on the reduction of the overall environmental performance, and therefore less costs (economic and environmental) in the long run. The project allowed Sika to demonstrate its competence and expertise in sustainability, including all relevant quantitative contributions to a sustainable high performance tailor-made roofing solution to fulfill the customer requirements from a technical, economic and environmental point of view.

More Value - Less Impact

Why Sarnafil TS 77-18 SR is a good choice for the Frutinter project:

  • Long lasting solution, with high technical performance
  • Highly Reflective: for warm climates like Spain, it can bring significant energy savings from avoided cooling/heating
  • Cost-effective solution: not only considering the initial construction costs, but also taking into account the potential energy cost savings in terms of Energy and Carbon Footprint that the installation of a white membrane provides.