Sika Corporation; Lyndhurst plant, NJ, USA

Project goal

Currently Lyndhurst uses single pass water for cooling for a well on site. Current usage is 12 million gallons of water per month. This will be dramatically reduced once the closed loop cooling water system is running.


Closed loop Cooling Water System for Sika Corporation’s Lyndhurst plant


  • A new plant wide cooling water system has being implemented at the Lyndhurst plant. The new system will recirculate the water – closed loop - and will consist of the following key components: liquid chiller, dry cooler, 2 redundant pumping systems, buffer storage tank, heat exchanger, PLC/PV based control system, filtration, supply and return piping system.
  • The new system will benefit of “free” cooling in the cold season (utilizing the dry cooler and the heat exchanger) and will utilize the liquid chiller only in the hot and warm seasons, therefore utilizing energy in the most efficient manner.


  • Dramatic reduction in water usage by replacement of 12 million gallons a month that was extracted from wells on site.
  • Improved performance of the cooling water system, able to maintain water temperatures year round, can achieve lower water temperatures.
  • Corrosion prevention of critical equipment.