The ECO Platform, umbrella organisation comprising various (national) EPD programme operators in Europe, has come closer to mutual cross-border recognition of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in Europe. This initiative fosters efforts to reduce trade barriers regarding product related environmental communication.

Sustainability: key component of Sika's business

The first ECO-EPDs were awarded on 16th of October 2014 in Brussels. Four of the awarded ECO-EPDs are for Sika roofing membranes. All registered ECO EPDs can be found on the ECO Platform.

The ECO Platform promotes the creation of a European Core EPD system according to the European standard EN 15804. The various programme operators commit themselves to specific minimum requirements with regard to quality management and the verification process.

EPDs issued with the ECO Platform EPD trademark and logo guarantee the best possible standardised comparability of construction products in Europe. The previously agreed specific minimum requirements including quality management and the verification process, which participating EPD programme operators of the ECO platform are committed to, describe the basic requirements for a future, mutual cross- border recognition of EPDs in Europe.

As a global supplier of systems and products for the construction sector, sustainability is a key component of Sika's business. Regarding communication, the importance of EPDs is increasing worldwide. The multitude of frameworks and formats can be confusing and costly, so ECO Platform's paving the way to mutual recognition on a European level is very welcomed.