Sika participated in the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) Symposium 2013 “Beyond the Limits of Man”, in Poland, with the article "Life Cycle Assessment of Repair and Maintenance Solutions for Cooling Towers".

Cooling and Solar Updraft Towers Maintenance

The article was presented in the Session "Cooling and Solar Updraft Towers Maintenance" and it discusses how the right refurbishment strategy for cooling tower refurbishment can not only reduce the frequency of refurbishment cycles, while increasing the structure’s longevity and the overall environmental performance. A Life Cycle Assessment of three refurbishment strategies based on real life practical experiences was performed, to evaluate and compare their potential environmental impacts.

About the Symposium

Recent trends in architectural design have posed new challenges for designers. The unconstrained creation of forms has become a new aesthetical paradigm: architectonic requirements have stimulated the search for new types of structures which, in turn, have brought about novel architectonic forms. The Symposium was intended as a forum for the exchange and promotion of new ideas as well as for discussion about the mutual influence of architectonic and engineering demands on the creation of unique architecture by means of lightweight structures.