Sika participated in the 7th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM2015) in September 2015 in Bordeaux, France, with the presentation " More Value, Less Impact: Sustainable Value Creation in Construction Industry ".

How to face sustainability challenges in the construction business

The Sika presentation was held in the session "From building design to district evaluation with LCM", and it discussed how Sika faces the sustainability challenges in the construction business by implementing life cycle thinking from product development to value selling (from basement to roof), and integrating sustainability into the business strategy, processes and communication.

The current five-year strategy "More Value – Less Impact" was presented, along with its goal to create and increase customer value while reducing impacts. Additionally, specific examples from Sika solutions where sustainability and life cycle thinking are key aspects were also presented.

The LCM conferences are one of the leading conference series worldwide in the field of environmental, economic and social sustainability. They aim to develop practical solutions for the implementation of life cycle approaches into strategic and operational decision-making, and are attended by renowned members from academia, industry, NGOs and public bodies.

The LCM2015 theme was “Mainstreaming Life Cycle Management for Sustainable Value Creation” and aimed to explore how to make life cycle management become mainstream. LCM helps make sustainability operational in organizations and other levels such as regions, and it can also support the creation of measurable sustainable value.