Unique high strength epoxy adhesives based on SmartCore® technology

Understanding the environment you work in and the ever-growing challenges that come with that enables us to provide innovative solutions allowing you to produce more durable and safer components to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Honeycomb Composite panels are present in many applications, especially where lightweight and stiffness are important factors to consider.

With SikaPower® SmartCore epoxy adhesives, Sika is focusing on improving durability of high strength bonds without compromising on peak mechanical performance. Therefore, Sika’s epoxy adhesives are becoming the preferred choice in highly dynamic environments where bonded components are subjected to constantly high loads and movement.

Our two-component SikaPower® range will cure at room temperature or can go
through heat processes to improve line throughput.

For further information on honeycomb composite bonding or any other structural bonding application, please get in touch.

Featured Products

SikaPower®-880 can be used as a general purpose 'go-to' product with all the benefits.

SikaPower®-1277 can be used for hotter processes and is also the premium product