Unique Structural Elastic Powerflex Adhesives for Composite Bonding

New design concepts require different ways of thinking when assessing adhesive performance for bonding of lightweight structures, mostly involving composites and / or metal structures.

While high structural strength is a key requirement needed for an optimal load transfer, most structural adhesives available in the market do not meet elastic requirements to either compensate for different thermal expansion rates of mixed-material bonding or withstand high impacts or torsion even at very low temperatures. 

In marine, wind energy and transportation, common goals consist of lightweight, stiffness and durability, which can be obtained with the inclusion of large composite structures. SikaForce® Powerflex technology is not only an excellent choice for these environments and materials but also comes with our innovative 'snap-cure' feature. It benefits from a long open time with a short handling time which allows for streamline processing when bonding large composite structures.

For further information on bonding stiffener bars or any other structural bonding application, please get in touch.

Featured Products

The lead product for these applications. Long open time (45 mins) with short handling time and good mechanical stability over a wide temperature range. 

For premium performance and best in class impact resistance. Designed for bonding of metallic substrates like steel and aluminium and composites like GFRP and CFRP laminates.